About Us

Hey there,

I am Deborah Johnson an owner of two adorable cats named Clara and Cora. Being a cat owner is really amazing but at the same time, I have to take care of their needs as well just as I do for my kids. Just like the needs of my small kids my cats also need their own toys to play, a restroom and their favorite food. While searching for the toys for my cats I came across these really amazing cat trees. I really like the whole concept of their design of including scratching posts, cozy caves, and hanging accessories. It is just like their own house where my cats love to play around, rest and also satisfy their natural instinct of scratching. Basically, I created these blogs to help all the cat owners out there who struggle to find the best options for their cats whether it is regarding their favorite food, self-littering boxes or cat condos. The blogs can be extremely helpful in the selection of products as they feature some amazing cat foods from selective brands and some stunning cat trees having distinct designs. The blogs also feature amazing self-littering boxes that eliminate the need for scooping out cat’s waste daily.