Weatherproof Cat Tree: A Dream Home for Your Cat

Weatherproof Cat Tree

If you own a cat then it’s your prime responsibility to look after it to give all sorts of comfort, love and care to it just like your baby. You should provide your cat with a cat tree in order to give it the utmost care it deserves with a blend of warmth and coziness sprawling all around its home.

There are myriad designs and types of weatherproof cat tree available in the market these days which can assist your cat to help and withstand any climatic conditions ranging from summer and rainy to spring and autumn.

Types of Cat Tree

There are different shapes, designs and size of cat tree available in the market these days from which you can choose the best one according to the preference of your cat.

Some of the outstanding delicacies that add to your cat tree and can be used for specific purposes. Here are some of the most common yet cheap cat towers that you can use for your beloved pet.

  • Cat Perches

As cats have a natural tendency to sit at the top and notice things going on around. Keeping this in mind you can have it in your home in order to assist your cat to search a prey and to enjoy being on the elevated position getting privacy as well.

  • Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree

Such type of trees covered with carpet right from floor to ceiling is ideal for the cats.

This type of cheap cat towers provides two in one comfort of security along with durability from the lowest to the highest position at your home.

It also helps you to keep your cat at bay from the places where you display items, cook food, and other top surfaces including the top of the refrigerator, top of the cupboard, etc.

  • Resting Spots

As cats are among one of the laziest animals. They love to spare their maximum time while resting or sleeping. Therefore it is required to help your cat to relax and sleep.

 The covered area in the cat tree is the best sleeping spot for your cat where it can be away from all sorts of disturbance and children at your home.

  • Scratching Spots

It’s the common tendency of cats to scratch anything which cannot be condoned. To prevent the cats from scratching your costly furniture or other household utilities you should ensure a robust scratching spot build with a sisal rope anywhere in the cat tree.

Cheap Cat Towers

  • Space Efficient Playground

It can be designed in a little space by assembling the parts which you can easily move from one place of the home to other. Try to connect the tree with the other carpeted parts of the home. It gives your cat an open place to play, jump and enjoy.

  • Plush Cat Beds

These beds are made up of the softest plush material to give the utmost comfort, coziness, and warmth.  As the cats love to sleep being surrounded by soft fabric. Keeping this in mind you should have it in your cat tree.

Thermo Cat Bed- This kind of bed is specially designed to provide warmth to your cat. It can be ideal to use during winters. Such heated cat beds are equipped with a heating element situated below the pillow base. It lowers down the temperature to about 10-15 degree compared to the surrounding temperature. These cat beds are safe enough to prevent your cat from any kind of harm.

  • Cat Houses

Keeping the privacy of your cat in mind you should have it in your home. As the pet kitty is also a sweet member of your home so you should treat it in the same way and must take care of its little needs.

Having a home, like humans, is a basic necessity of pets. You should have a cat house for indoor cats and for outdoor as well depending on the need and degree of comfort your cat likes.

Things to Remember while Purchasing a Cat House

You need to keep few things in mind while purchasing a cat house like an indoor house can allow them to lie down and sleep comfortably in its own place whereas an outdoor home can give them greater freedom.

Also, cats like to sleep in different areas where it can hide, so you must take care to provide it with private space.

After going through the above set of information you are well aware of the requirements of a pet cat and the essentials of a weatherproof cat tree in order to provide the highest level of safety and ease to your tabby.

A lively environment is the overall need of it so you should think of providing all sorts of comfort, taking care of its smaller needs, bearing a maternal affection with a range of emotions including love, happiness, coziness, and warmth to your cat.

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