Three Facts That You Should Know About Dry vs Wet Cat Food

Dry vs Wet Cat Food Pros and Cons

Are you a cat owner, and probably wondering is dry or wet cat food better for your cat? Some cat owner opts for wet food for kittens, some stick to what their veterinarian selects, while some choose food for kittens based on their previous experience with their pets. We are sure, most of you must have many questions about dry vs. wet cat food pros and cons, but as a matter of fact, there is no right answer to the question as it depends on several factors.

Owning a cat is a responsibility that you wish to give the best. It is really important that you make an informed decision providing her with either the best-wet cat food or best dry kitten food. Selecting between dry vs. wet cat food pros and cons can be a challenging task as the market is filled with an array of options to choose from. In this blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of dry and wet cat food and how you can make your cat healthy and increase their lifespan by giving them the right type of food.

Dental Health

Dental health is crucial as it improves and increases the life span of your cat. Investing in dental health care is important as this way, you can avoid many diseases.

Dry Cat Food: If you are selecting dry cat food, then it is really good for your pet’s dental health. Dry food has no liquid and moisture and helps cleanse the teeth of your cat. There is no doubt that dry food is better than wet food, however, you cannot rely only on the pet’s food. It is essential that you brush your cat’s teeth.

Wet Cat Food: Wet cat food can cause several dental health issues. According to a report, the cats fed primarily on the wet food faces gum infection and bad breath. So, we suggest you consult a veterinarian if you are feeding wet cat food.

Convenient To Eat

Wet Food for Kittens

We all look for food items that are convenient to eat and can be stored easily. If you are looking for something less chaotic and which can be fed easily, then dry cat food is the right pick for you.

Dry Cat Food: Dry cat food is the perfect solution for all those cat owners who have a hectic schedule and wants something convenient to feed their pets. The cat owners can easily stock the dry food for months and it will not rot. If you are looking for something which will not create a mess and even the kids can feed, then you should definitely go for dry cat food.

Wet Cat Food: Wet cat food is convenient to eat for those cats who have gum issues or their teeth are missing as it is easy to chew. However, feeding wet food can also create a mess.


Hydration is another important factor to consider by all the cat owners. Most of you must be aware of the fact that cats are less thirsty. So while selecting their food type, make certain you consider this.

Dry Cat Food: Most of the nutritionist warns against feeding only dry cat food as it makes your cat prone to dehydration if they are not drinking sufficient water. Dehydration can lead to several diseases like kidney problems and urinary tract issues. We highly recommend you be careful while feeding dry cat food.

Wet Cat Food: Wet cat food is one of the best ways to prevent dehydration in your pets. If you are opting for wet food, then it has approximately 70% moisture content.

Whether you select dry cat food or wet cat food, ensure that you consider your cat’s overall health while selecting the food type. Whatever, you choose; you should weigh it against all the benefits and drawbacks. Make sure you select what is best for your pet, however, we suggest that dry cat food is a clear winner in terms of your cat’s health.

Dry Cat Food

  • It is really convenient to feed dry cat food
  • Dry cat food is good for your cat's dental health
  • You can buy it in large quantity and store it
  • Dry cat food has less moisture and can cause dehydration and kidney problems
  • It can also diabetes in your cats as it has a high carb intake
  • If not given in the right portion, your cats can also suffer from obesity

Wet Cat Food

  • Wet cat food can be served in a wide range of options and flavors
  • It has moisture, so if your cats don’t drink sufficient water, then it is the right option
  • Wet food can be chewed easily
  • It is a good source of protein
  • Wet food can get more chaotic
  • It cannot fix a plaque from your cat’s teeth and often cause gum infection
  • It is more expensive than dry cat food
  • It is not fresh for a longer period of time

We hope after reading the blog, you make a wise decision while selecting the pet’s food. Whatever option you select, keep in mind the nutritional requirements of your pet and which food type will suit your pet’s lifestyle.

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