How to Keep a Cat from Climbing a Tree

How to Keep a Cat from Climbing a Tree

Cats give you a new perspective on life. Traditionally considered as a lazy day activity for firefighters, rescuing house cats that wind up trapped in a tall tree, can be a nightmare for a pet owner. By nature, cats are instinctual and timid creatures who treat anything unfamiliar as a threat. Also, a cat that is stuck high up in a tree in a frightened state, will possibly find its own way down after the time has winded and it no longer senses any danger from immediate environs. As such, the best step to consider is to wait to see if the cat climbs down on its own.

In many cases, the cat will find itself too frightened to move over time or might start to meow continually – signaling that it is trapped and is calling for help to get down.  Two things that are useful in cases like this is the ladder and cat food. Use the food first, leave it underneath the tree to coax the cat down on its own. If the cat refuses to come down, use a ladder, which is probably the best solution to help the cat get down on its own. Place the ladder near the tree and allow the cat to climb by itself.

If you are constantly looking for ways to prevent a cat from climbing on a tree,  try to invest in cat towers.

What is a Cat Tower?

Cat towers are also called by many names like cat gyms, cat condos, and cat trees. A cat tower is a piece of cat furniture crafted to stimulate the cat’s natural playful tendencies like climbing, scratching and hiding. If you want to buy a cat tower, then here are some of the features to look into when shopping for your feline companion.

Does it Provide Comfortable Retreat?

Many cats love to nook all their own, like behind the window curtain and under the cot. A Lotus cat tower can provide this sanctuary as well as with cabins, soft beds or dens with plush sides where your cat can curl for a quick nap or hide. If your cat loves to be alone, consider a cat tower that provides a place for him to feel secure and safe.

Does it have a Scratching Post?

Cat towers often come with various built-in features, but perhaps the most essential aspect to consider is having an outlet for sharp claws. If you give your cat an ideal place to scratch and allow him/her to use it, you can avoid unwanted damage to other items or furniture. Cat towers and scratching posts are mostly covered in carpet or rope and some even have scents that attract cats naturally.

Will it be Fun for Cats?

If your car is frisky, the right cat tower must have built-in toys like play tubes, dangling ropes, and hanging mice. The more options the Lotus cat tower gives, the more likely it is to keep your cat entertained and help him/her get that needed work out and stimulation when you are not near.

Is it Climbable?

Cat Towers

Since most cats love to climb, especially trees, they tend to prefer the taller ones as the extra height allows them to see everything clearly from the top. A decent cat tower must also include a comfortable platform on which your cat can perch. Always remember to buy a cat tower that is over seven feet and make sure to measure the ceiling before buying.

Will it be Spacious?

If you have multiple cats in your house, you may need a tower that doubles up on the amenities. Search for the options that extend higher than one story. Also, go for the ones with three to four cabins so your felines aren’t fighting for the only comfortable retreat. Towers designed for multiple cats are most likely to hold up extra wear and tear that multiple cats can dish out.

Cat Tower Materials

Cat towers can be made up of different materials. Based on the type of stuff that you want, you can choose different towers. Here are the most common materials.

  • Carpet

Mostly used on a flat surface and non -scratching post poles, these provide maximum comfort so that your cats can rest.

  • Sisal

A coarse and strong natural fiber used mostly on scratching posts

  • Corrugated Cardboard

A great and affordable alternative to wooden cat towers, they come in weightless models and might not be as sturdy as cardboard, and are prone to tears and rips.

  • Wood

These are more durable than corrugated cardboard, wooden cat towers mostly resemble furniture to help them blend with the existing decor. Wood will reveal scratches and they are available more readily than sisal and carpet.

Your adorable companion deserves a place to rest and play. The cat towers can engage your pet with quality time, strengthening your animal to human bonds and offering hours of playtime for the whole family. So, go ahead and invest in that cat tower for your kitten today!

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