How to Get a Cat Down from a Tree

How to Get a Cat Down From a Tree

A cat tree is a really innovative idea to provide your cat with a playful environment inside the house. Not only it provides playful activities but also gives cozy caves, fluffy beds and much more. Your cat can easily have some relaxing time sitting on those fluffy cat tree beds or just laying on the hanging hammocks. Apart from all this, the sisal covered poles of cat tree also satisfy the scratching needs of your cat. To cut it short, the cat tree does a really good job and comes in variable sizes that suit small to large-sized cats. If you are a cat owner and doesn’t know about this before then, it’s a high time to give it a try. You can also select the color of your choice as there is a wide array of cat trees available in the stores out there. If you are worried about your cat’s safety then, we must tell you that there are well-established brands that manufacture these cat trees and just swear on the product’s durability and stability. You just have to select the cat tree from a popular brand that falls within your price range.

But, the question arises, is it just enough to select and assemble a cat tree and put it in a corner of your house assuming that your cat will use it? The answer is simple that is, no. Training is also a part of your job. You have to train your cat properly so that it can get most out of it. In the beginning, your cat might refuse to use the tree as some cats take time to get familiar with the new things. Just like we all do when we have to change our certain habits. So, it’s all fine, just be patient and let your cat take its time.

Despite the proper training, your cat can get stuck in a tree and this generally happens with the trees that have a more complex design. Make sure not to leave your cat with the tree alone in the house especially, when you go on vacation as the cat may not be able to rescue from the situation. Sometimes, small cats get stuck in a tree for a week, which can turn out to be a nightmare for your cat. So, make sure that doesn’t happen with your adorable feline. To avoid this situation, choose the designs that are less complex and are not integrated with too many hooks.

There are multiple levels on the cat tree, and in some of the designs, there is a soft bed or a fur ball hanging on the top. These things can attract your cat to reach the top level, or sometimes, it also happens when your cat is in a playful mood. Climbing the tree is not a major issue but, the crucial thing is to teach your cat to climb down the tree safely. Try to train your cat in such a way that whenever it climbs down the tree, it avoids those hooks and sharp edges of the sturdy boards as they can hurt your cat badly. If your cat refuses to climb down, you can also coax her by keeping her favorite food in a bowl in front of the cat tree.

Best Cat Tree

Teach Cat to Climb Down Tree

Now, coming on the variety of cat trees, trust us, it’s really wide and the selection of the best cat tree seems quite a daunting task. Being an owner of the adorable cat, we know that you want everything best. But, the main thing is to invest in something that is really durable and satisfy all your cat needs as well. You have to look for certain things while buying the best cat tree for your feline friend.

  • If you own a small cat, try to look for the designs that are less complex and falls within your budget.
  • After the design selection, you need to check the durability of the cat tree. Make sure that the boards are made of quality wood and don’t feature any sharp edges.
  • The bed should be spacious enough to accommodate your cat with optimum comfort.
  • Make sure that the bed and boards are completely covered with soft faux fur so that your cat receives the same pampering from the cat tree as it receives from you.
  • The posts should be covered with highly durable sisal ropes that can satisfy your cat’s craving to scratch.
  • The selected cat tree should contain some playful activities to entertain your cat as well. This can include a fur ball, hanging hammock and hanging ropes. These small add-ons vary in distinct designs.
  • There are some well-known cat trees including Go Pet Club cat tree, Armarkat cat tree and many more that are manufactured by well-known brands.

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