How Long Can A Cat Stay In A Tree

Can a Cat Survive in a Tree

There are many animals that are considered as good climbers. So, if you are interested to find out the same you need to read a lot about it. When you will read about it you will get to know many things about the same. Those who are eager to know about cats should remember that this is one animal that knows the proper way to climb. But the fact is that when it comes to climbing cat is really good but when it comes to coming down it is not that easy for it. Thus, you can say that cat is a good climber but not good to come down easily on its own. So, if cat is stuck in the tree she can survive on her on for few days but it might die if she is not able to find food. The reason is that cat has strong claws that help it in climbing while this thing is of no help when cat wishes to come down.

Depends on the Tree On Which It is Stuck

In case if the cat is stuck in a tree that is very high then there is lot of problem as climbing will never be an issue. Cat will only face problem when coming down. Thus, the higher the tree the more problem would be there when it is the time to come down. In this case there are cases when cats were stuck in the tree for many days. So, if the tree is the one from where she can get enough food it is good and it can survive on that. But at the end of the day cat has to make her own effort to come down on its own. Cat can plan and make some small moves so that there is no problem faced by her. The most important thing is that each cat is different from the other and it is also upon the cat to gain confidence to come down. The stamina is the most important factor in this case and if cat is strong enough it will never face any problem whatsoever.

Hire a Rescue Team To Save Cat

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You will come across many rescue teams that will be of great help to you. You can always call the team as the numbers are easily available on the website. The team has all the things that are required in order to rescue in a proper manner. It might take few minutes and it might also take one hour to few hours if the cat is stuck in the tree that is high and is bushy. The team is competent to overcome all the difficulties and thus you will never regret having hired the team at any cost. They have ropes, nets, rods and other important things that will make the rescue lot easier, safer and simpler. Each team member is competent enough and once you will see the way they rescue you will never regret in future.

Do not worry if it takes more hours to rescue as the cat can survive on its own for many hours and days without food. Still it would be advisable that the sooner you start the process the better it would be for you. Many people have been successful enough in rescuing their cats and thus one should never hesitate to hire the services of a good team. The fee is quite nominal so you need not worry about the same at all. There are some welfare organizations that charge pretty less for such work.

One can come to the conclusion that if the cat is stuck on the tree one need not worry too much. If the cat is strong enough it might come down on its own slowly. If it is not able to come down you can always take help of people around you and if still things do not work call the rescue team for the same. As far as survival is concerned there is no need to bother as cat and stay for many days without food and still be fit and fine.

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