Go Pet Club Cat Tree Review

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Reviews

​Go Pet Club Cat Tree: QUICK OVERVIEW

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Price Range

What We Like

  • Creative design
  • Maximum comfort level
  • Medium size
  • Offers a cozy cave to relax
  • Can be slide on easily on the carpet
  • Reasonable price range
  • Easy to assemble

What We Don't Like

  • The side basket can accommodate only small cats
  • The hammock can create a hindrance for the cat

Having a cat in the house is a wonderful thing to experience. All those cuddles and kisses are enough to release the stress of the office work. Seeing our cat roaming around in the house puts a smile to our faces. When our pets are a crucial part of our lives, we also need to give them everything they want just to make sure that they are also happy staying with us. In our hectic schedule, we rarely find much time to play with our cat. On the other hand, there are some cat owners who don’t let their cats roam freely outside to protect them from any kind of attacks from the stray animals.

In such a situation, it becomes really important to give your cat something with which it can play around and have fun just like we do with our friends in the playground. The cat tree is something which solves this problem for the cat owners. It gives your cat a nice playground within the house where it can play, sleep and relax. The cat trees generally vary in designs, height and complexity. You have to assemble them in a particular place in your house, somewhere near you so that your cat doesn’t feel alone while playing.

If you also own a pet and are in search of a cat tree for your adorable cat then, you have landed in the right place. Here, we are going to review Go Pet Club Cat Tree which is super awesome and affordable as well. Let’s dive deep into the article to know more about this cat tree. In the review, we will be including all the details along with the pros and cons so by the end of the article, you must be able to decide whether it is suitable for your cat or not.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree is really easy to assemble and contains 10 posts along with 15 levels. The posts are covered using ropes made of sisal which is basically used to satisfy the natural instinct of your cat. The boards are made of good-quality wood that sit in quite a stable position when assembled at one place. The assembling of all the pieces of a cat tree might seem a daunting task but actually, it isn’t. You get a proper instructional manual along with the required tools to make the assembling much more simple and fun for you.

Who is this product for?

This cat tree is especially for the cat owners who own small cats and have the required area that correlates with the dimensions of the tree.

What’s Included?

Have a look at a few things that are included in this cat tree.

  • 10 posts
  • 15 levels
  • Distinct boards
  • Small cave
  • Basket
  • Hammock and the required hooks
  • Instructional manual

Overview of Features

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Review

Have a look at some of the highlighted features of Go Pet Club cat tree in order to know it better.

  • Design

The design consists of multiple levels that are not that complex and makes climbing easy for the cats. It features a medium height and is made of sturdy boards that definitely make the cat tree more durable. There is a hanging basket at the side of the cat tree where your cat can relax and have a perfect leisure time. Also, the faux fur laid in the basket gives your feline friend maximum comfort level. There is a small cave at the middle level that is perfect for offering a cozy environment to your cat.

  • Quality

Besides the creative design of the cat tree, the manufacturers have also given full attention to the quality of the product. The boards are made of supreme quality wood that resist any breakage. The posts are fully covered with the sisal ropes that are capable of satisfying your cat’s craving to scratch.

  • Creativity

The design is quite creative and offers multiple levels to your cat to climb with safety. The hanging hammock is simply an add-on in the design to offer more playful activities to your cat.

How to Use Go Pet Club Cat Tree

This particular cat tree features an easy assembling. You get all the required material including boards and posts along with the product. You just have to assemble the distinct parts in their respective positions shown in the instructional manual. You need to get a stable position, in the end, to ensure that your cat doesn’t fall off from the tree.


If you are not satisfied with Go Pet Club Cat Tree then, you can move on to Armarkat cat tree. It is slightly bigger in height and includes a small cozy cave and a hanging hammock as well. It is suitable for small to medium sized cats and comes in a slightly higher price range. You need not worry about the quality of this product as this international brand has already a well-established name in the market for more than a decade now. Just make the purchase and you won’t regret it for sure.

Final Verdict

After going through the detailed breakdown of Go Pet Club Cat Tree, you must have achieved the clarity in your mind regarding the purchase. If you are someone who can’t let your feline friend go away from you even for a second then, this tree is a must-have for your cat. It is capable of offering a playful yet comfortable and relaxing environment to your cat. It is suitable for small cats. So, if you own one, just go and make the purchase without giving it a second thought.

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