Great Christmas Tree Alternatives for Cat Owners

Cat Tree House

Cats love tree house, and it’s time to give her the toy of her dreams. Kitty towers and cat tree houses – all mean fun for kitty. They fill the cat’s desire to claw, play, sleep, scratch and explore. They are very easy to assemble and take up a small space in the corner of your home. Here are some reasons why you should try a durable cat tree.

To Sleep

Have you ever lost your cat inside your home? They love to hide in cozy and tight out-of-sight places. Often you might see her in the same place. A cat tower, however, will give her own place. Many cat tree house comes with at least one cabin or an area for them to sleep. Some come with perches or hammocks with edges napping in the open. All are covered in faux fur or carpet so they are warm for your furry friend.  There are cat trees with washable plush beds or you can also one of your own.

To Play & Exercise

Accessories like spring balls and dancing mince provide hours of entertainment. Some trees with multiple ladders, ramps are also perfect for cats and they also act like a gym. These are great for cats to play hide and seek.


All cat trees come with scratching posts that also works as the columns to hold various platforms. Some cones with curvy slide – like scratching ramps and surfaces. Most surfaces are covered in sisal, but some are also covered in carpet. Whatever the shape or size of the scratching surfaces, the love them.

Features to Consider

Cat towers can be as tall as seven feet so you must measure the ceiling before ordering or buying one. Some have tops that can be customized for stability. If this is the kind you wish to buy, look for a durable cat tree that can be attached to the ceiling with pressure. It’s quicker and easier to install and you don’t need any hardware or fasteners that damage the ceiling. Cat trees are great Christmas tree alternatives for cat owners.

Benefits of a Cat Tower

Kitty Towers

There are many reasons why you must have a cat tower and how it can benefit you and your cat.

A cat tree has so many advantages and there is really no reason not to get one.

How to Build Your Own Cat Tree?

Building a cat tower is not a difficult DIY and the project can be easily completed within a couple of days if you have the right plan and tools. The key to constructing any woodworking project is to be prepared.

If you are a beginner, it’s better to start with a simple cat tree. This will most likely keep the costs down and your project size small. But, your cat will never know the difference and they’ll love the hard work immensely.  No matter what the size, it’s great Christmas tree alternatives for cat owners, as the cat will focus on the kitty towers and not on the Christmas trees.

Keeping the Costs to a Minimum

If you are concerned about the budget, keep costs to a minimum, unless you are constructing an extravagant cat tower or you just need to use a really high durable material. For example, you can find scrap plywood pieces from a carpet square or a construction site at a discount. You can use them on your project.

Size Matters

As far as size goes, you can go for a simple 14″x14″ platform mounted to twelve-inch long center post sitting on a 2×2 base, all wrapped in a faux fur or carpet. On the other hand, you can also decide to go with an expensive multi-story “cat tower” extravaganza – it’s all up to you and what your pocket can handle. Also, take into consideration how much time you will have to put into this project. After all, you need to start small and add to it as time progresses.

To build a simple cat tower, all you need is a piece of plywood, a wooden post of correct width, nails, wood glue, and carpet. Use the glue to fix the carpet at the base and the post and the use to nail to fix these two pieces together. You can also buy a spring rope or a cat toy to attach to the top of the post so that your cat can play with.

Whatever method you use and how much you want to spend – make sure that your cat loves it. As long as you built it with love and care – making sure that there are no sharp edges, corners or loose parts – your cat will play and rest in its tree for years to come.

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