Building A Cat Tree: All You Need to Know

Cat Tree House

Like human beings, who love to and are passionate about having a dream house with all the facilities at the doorway, so do the cats. If you have a cat at your home then it’s a must for you in order to give all the comfort and a playful environment to your pussy cat. You can give quality to its life with a handy purchase.

Building a cat tree is not only an affordable option for your cat but also a worthwhile addition to having a liveliness sprawling all around the indoor of your home.

Building Your Own Cat Tree

Cats have an inclination for the vertical spaces because it gives them enough space to perform activities ranging from exercises and stretching to scratching and playing. You can have a wooden post covered entirely with a rough cloth or rope for cat scratching posts as they have a greater tendency of scratching anything which comes out their way.

Key Points to Remember

If you have many cats or children at your home than having a cat tree provides free space to your cat. It may help the cat to spend some solo time being at its own place.

You can make changes in the tree according to space at your home or as per the cat’s liking. It’s up to you to make it smaller or bigger.

However, remember not to design a tree which is heavy at the top. It should have a certain degree of stability in order to bear bigger cats. Make a smaller boundary around the sitting or resting space to stay safe from falling.

Also don’t make the tree too tall, more than 5 feet. Even if you do so then don’t forget to link it with the wall to prevent the cat from falling.

How to Build A Cat Tree?

Some people gather parts to make a cat tree from the materials they have at their home while others collect particular materials from different shops and surroundings.

Materials Required

The essential materials required to make a cat tree are

  • Good quality wooden boards
  • Piping or plastic tub
  • Wooden rods (to give support to the tree)
  • Sisal rope
  • Pins and bolts
  • Measurement tape
  • Level
  • Saw
  • Hammer
  • Glue stick
  • Wooden ladder
  • Paint
  • Cat Toy

Depending on your interests, and that of your cat, you can also add other materials.

Whatever designs you add to make sure that you build a robust cat tree. As your cat may be small but the tree might shatter in just a single jump.

So here we are providing some handy steps to build your own cat perches.

Step by Step Guide To Build Cat Tree

Furniture for Large Cats

  1. Get A Wooden ladder

Firstly take the ladder of about 3-4 feet height having steps at equal height on all sides. Make sure the height of the ladder should not be too tall. It would be good to get a perfect v-shaped conventional ladder.

  1. Pile up the Materials

The ladder will work as the base of the tree. Now you have to make additions to it to make it comforting for your cat.

Put specifically sized plywood between the rugs.

  1. Paint The Ladder & Plywood

Now paint the ladder and the plywood with all your creativity. You can make the platform comfortable by putting the carpet and staple it properly.

  1. Fix the Platform with Ladder

Place the platform in between the rugs to adjust properly and nail it from all four corners.

  1. Put A Hammock

Keeping the interest and joy of your cat in mind you may install it in your cat tree. Take a thick and stretchable fabric and as per the measurement cut it and nail it from all corners. Your cat will love sleeping on it comfortably. You can also place comfortable cat perches on the top as they love to climb and it will provide your cat with a private place as well.

  1. Wrap the Rope on the Legs of the Laddcr

You can either wrap the edges of the ladder tightly with the rope or can cover the ladder entirely to allow cats for scratching. Also ensure to cover the nails, bolts and other such sharp materials on the cat tree which may harm your cat.

Along with a cat tree, you should provide something extra to your cat in order to give it a fully fledged livable environment at your home. Ensure the size of your cat so that you can choose the right size of the cat tree, cat perches and furniture to give it the utmost coziness and comfort. There is furniture for large cats as well if you have a bigger cat with you.

So these are the essentials in building a cat tree which might assist you to build one for your pet tabby.

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