Best Cat Tree of 2021 Complete Reviews with Comparison

Best Cat Tree Reviews

Buying a cat tree is probably the best birthday gift for your cat. If you own an adorable cat and haven’t got a cat tree for her yet then, it’s a high time to get one. The stores are filled with the distinct varieties of cat trees that differ in terms of height, complexity level and creativity. In such a situation, selecting the best cat tree for your feline might seem a daunting task to you. But, don’t worry we are here to guide you in the best possible way.

In this article, we will be reviewing the five best cat trees along with the buying guide to make the selection much easier for you. The article also includes some frequently asked questions at the end to solve most of your doubts budding in your mind. If you are interested in knowing more about the cat trees then, take a deep dive into the article.

Top 5 Cat Tree Comparison

Go Pet Club Cat Tree
It features a medium height that includes multiple levels and there is an optimum space between the levels so that your cat can jump easily. It is integrated with two caves that have open windows too. There are two padded ladders in case your cat doesn’t want to jump. Apart from it, it features various resting perches that make this tree suitable for multiple cats. It comes in various colors and an affordable price range.

Feandrea Songmics Cat Tree
This cat tree features a really creative and attractive design. It includes all the comfortable accessories that your cat craves for like fluffy resting beds, cozy hiding place and a hanging hammock. Apart from it, it also features some hanging fur balls for your cat’s entertainment. All the perches and posts are made of durable wood so you don’t need to worry about your cat’s safety at all. Apart from it is available in two exclusive designs and come with a 30-month warranty as well.

Furhaven Cat Tree
This cat tree is available in various colors and designs. It includes various resting platforms, climbing ladder and hiding places that make this cat tree a perfect home for your feline friend. Apart from this, it includes various playful accessories like hanging mice and fur balls. The scratching posts satisfy your cat’s needs which are really necessary for your cat’s health. This tree is really easy to maintain and come in the warranty as well.

New Cat Condos
It features three distinct levels and is a perfect resting place for your cat. All the three levels have resting perches that are wrapped with a soft and fluffy carpet to offer optimum comfort to your cat. Apart from this, the boards are made of solid wood material and also features sonic tubes covered with natural sisal ropes to satisfy your cat’s natural instincts. It comes in five distinct colors so that you can match it with your room furniture.

Pet Palace Cat Tree
This cat tree is really tall perfect for multiple cats. It features three levels and there is an accessory for your cat at each level. It includes one hanging tunnel, a small side basket covered with fluffy fur, small hiding cave and a hanging hammock. It also features a ladder that goes all the way to a cave. Basically, it’s a perfect package to buy for your cat in order to bring out her bubbly nature.

Cat Tree Reviews

Let’s go through the detailed reviews of all the above-listed cat trees in order to understand them in a better way.

1. Go Pet Club Cat Tree

If you own more than one cat in your house then, this can be considered as one of the best cat trees for multiple cats. There are distinct resting perches and your cats can easily have their own personal space. Apart from this, there are also hanging mice for your cat’s entertainment. It comes in an affordable price range and has a sturdy design which is highly durable as well.

Product Highlights

Let’s have a look at some of the highlights of Go Pet Club Cat Tree.

  • Design

The cat tree features a tall height of approximately 72 inches and is integrated with multiple levels. The levels are stabilized by using various sturdy supporting poles that are wrapped with sisal ropes. On various levels, there are soft resting perches so that your cat can take a peaceful nap there. The ladders are also there that helps your cat to reach at the upper level with ease.

  • Durability

The boards are made of high-quality wood which is quite strong and resists pressure really well. The base is also quite stable and efficiently handles the weight of the cat tree so that it can stand in a stable position.

  • Comfort

All the boards are covered with faux fur which is really soft and offers an extreme comfort zone to your cat. Apart from this, the cat tree also features some hiding places that are capable of offering a cozy environment to your little feline.

What’s to Like About Go Pet Club Cat Tree

  • Distinct color options
  • Affordable price
  • Multiple levels
  • Maximum comfort
  • Sturdy and durable design

What’s not to Like About Go Pet Club Cat Tree

  • Not suitable for large cats
  • Doesn’t offer any furball or a hanging hammock

2. Feandrea Songmics Cat Tree

This can be considered as the best cat tree for two cats as it has sufficient resting beds and hiding places. Your cats can easily have their own personal space in the tree. The tree is also loaded with various playful activities and scratching posts which definitely makes it the best cat tree ever.

Product Highlights

Following are some highlighted features which can grab your attention.

  • Design

This cat tree features the most luxurious design offering maximum comfort and safety to your cats. It is loaded with various hanging fur balls and a hanging rope with which your cats can play and have fun. Apart from this, the design also features super comfy resting beds, cozy hiding place and a hanging hammock. All these little add-ons make this a perfect cat tree for your adorable feline friends.

  • Durability

All the boards that are used for making resting perches are certified by carb that just swears on the sturdy design and the quality of wood. The strength of the boards is highly enhanced by using battens to ensure that your cats are highly secure while using the tree. Apart from this, the secured fittings resist any toppling caused during the jumping pressure of your cat.

  • Comfort

The sisal covered posts are just perfect for satisfying your feline’s scratching needs as it is really mandatory for her well-being. The faux fur is another comfort that your cats enjoy every time they take a nap.

What’s to Like About Feandrea Songmics Cat Tree

  • Highly sturdy design
  • Stability
  • Playful activities
  • Hanging hammock
  • Cozy hiding place
  • 30-months warranty

What’s not to Like About Feandrea Songmics Cat Tree

  • Not suitable for large cats
  • Available in just two shades of grey

Best Cat Tree for Two Cats

3. Furhaven Cat Tree

This one can be considered as the best cat tree for a small apartment as the design is quite tall and compact. It features multiple levels where your cat can jump around and have a relaxing time as well. It is available in distinct shades so that you can choose your cat’s favorite color. This cat is generally suitable for young and active felines.

Product Highlights

Let’s have a look at some of the highlighted features of Furhaven Cat Tree.

  • Design

It features a height of approximately 69 inches and can be placed easily in a small corner of your room because of the compact design. It features various supporting posts and resting perches. Some additional accessories are also there that include hanging fur balls and hanging mice that offer playful activities to your cat. There is also an IQ box at the upper level which is a rare and great add-on to stimulate the mind of your little feline.

The scratching posts are covered with sisal ropes in order to satisfy your cat’s instincts to scratch. It is a form of exercise for your cat and also calms her restlessness really well.

  • Durability

The sisal ropes that are used for wrapping the supporting posts are highly durable and eco-friendly as well as they are biodegradable. Apart from it, the resting platforms are also made of high-quality wood.

  • Comfort

There are two hiding places that also feature a window and are just perfect for your cat to spend some leisure time. They are also covered with faux fur to offer a soft and pampered feel to your feline.

What’s to Like About Furhaven Cat Tree

  • Compact design which makes it suitable for a small apartment
  • Durability
  • Super comfy hiding places
  • Suitable for multiple cats
  • Various scratching posts
  • Interesting IQ box

What’s not to Like About Furhaven Cat Tree

  • Doesn’t offer a hanging hammock
  • There are no separate resting beds

Best Cat Tree for Small Apartment

4. New Cat Condos

This cat condo is really simple and just offers a resting place to your cat. It doesn’t feature any playful activities. Hence, it can be considered as a suitable cat tree for older cats as they don’t like to move much from one place. They can have a relaxing nap for as long as they want. It comes in four distinct colors so that you can select your favorite one that goes with your furniture.

Product Highlights

Let’s have a look at some of the highlights of New Cat Condos.

  • Design

This cat tree features three levels that have super comfortable resting perches or beds. There are supporting posts on both the sides of the cat tree in order to have a stable and sturdy design.

  • Comfort

All the resting perches and the base are covered with a soft household carpet which is super comfortable and easy to clean as well. The scratching posts are covered with sisal ropes that are unoiled and really thick to withstand those harsh scratches.

  • Durability

The scratching posts and horizontal perches are made of solid wood in order to offer a strong and long-lasting tree to your cat. It can easily hold the weight f your old cat while ensuring optimum safety.

What’s to Like About New Cat Condos

  • Soft carpet wrapping
  • Suitable for old cats
  • Durable design
  • Sturdy perches
  • Stability
  • Doesn’t need to be assembled

What’s not to Like About New Cat Condos

  • Doesn’t offer any playful activities
  • The design restricted to older cats only
  • Price is a bit high

Cat Tree for Older Cats

5. Pet Palace Cat Tree

Pet Palace is also one of the best cat trees for multiple cats as it is integrated with resting perches, hanging tunnel, side basket, hanging a hammock and a cozy cave. It comes in a reasonable price range and features a height of 65 inches. It is suitable for small and medium-sized cats.

Product Highlights

Let’s have a look at some of the highlighted features of Pet Palace Cat Tree.

  • Design

The design is quite spacious and bulky, so make sure you have sufficient space in your house to place it. It offers various comfortable places so that your cat can easily relax and enjoy her napping time. There is also a ladder that goes straight to the cave’s door.

  • Durability

The resting platforms are made of compressed wood that surely enhances the durability of the tree. The side basket and hanging tunnel are also secured with strong fittings in order to ensure maximum safety to your cat.

  • Comfort

Your cat can have a super relaxing time while swinging in the hanging hammock. The faux fur just enhances your cat’s experience.

What’s to Like About Pet Palace Cat Tree

  • Creative design
  • Numerous comfy resting places
  • Durable design
  • Various scratching posts
  • Hanging tunnel

What’s not to Like About Pet Palace Cat Tree

  • There are no hanging fur balls
  • The design is quite bulky
  • Not suitable for large cats

Best Cat Trees for Multiple Cats

Cat Tree Buyers Guide

Here are a few things which you need to consider before buying the perfect cat tree for your adorable feline friend.

Design and Construction

This is the first thing you notice when you look at the cat tree. As we know that there is a huge variety of distinct creative designs available out there. In such a situation, selecting one becomes quite difficult. Whenever selecting a particular design, just make sure that it correlates with you and your cat’s preferences. There are different designs for different sized cats that differ in terms of complexity level.


The quality of the material should be the next point in your checklist as it is a matter of safety of your cat. Make sure that the boards and the scratching posts are quite sturdy and can be held in a stable position. Check the quality of the wood that is used in manufacturing the boards. Make sure that the quality is good enough to withstand the weight and jumping pressure of your cat.

Mobility and Dimensions

If you have already reserved a particular area in your house for a cat tree then, it’s mandatory for you to check the dimensions before the purchase. Also, if you want to switch the places for the cat tree then, it’s crucial to check the mobility of the base.


You need to select the tree based on your cat’s behavior and choices. If your cat has a bubbly nature then, choose the one that offers maximum space and distinct levels to jump around. It should also include some playful activities to entertain your cats like fur balls and hanging mice.

On the other hand, if your cat is lazy and spends most of the time taking naps then, choose the one that includes hanging hammocks and cozy caves.

Age of Cat

The selection also depends on the age of your cat. If your feline friend is old then, select the one that has a small height and more resting perches. Otherwise, you can choose the tall cat tree with lots of playful hanging accessories for your young buddy.

Size of Cat

Almost all the designs feature cozy places to hide and even hanging tunnels. If your cat is big and fat then, make sure to check the space allotted inside the tunnel and cave. Space should be large enough to accommodate your cat comfortably. On the one hand, if you own a small kitty then selection won’t much tough for you as most of the designs are meant for small and medium-sized cats.

Number of Cats

Do you own more than one cat in your house? If yes, then select the cat tree that is integrated with lots of scratching posts and resting beds. This will offer your cats their personal spaces to play around.


Almost all the cat trees use soft faux fur as a covering material of beds, boards and resting perches. The fur tends to attract dust particles more. So, you need to clean the cat tree at least once in a week in order to offer a nice and clean place to your cats.

Price of Cat Tree

We are sure you want everything best for your feline friend. But, setting the budget is also important as you don’t want to run out of money at the end of the day. What else could be more satisfying than getting the best cat tree within budget? For achieving this, you need to do a bit of research but trust us all your efforts will going to be worth it.

Cat Tree FAQ’s

What is a Cat Tree?

A cat tree is a creative multi-level structure that is specially designed for cats. It offers a nice playground to your cat within the house along with some wonderful playful activities. Your cat can easily sleep, relax, exercise and play inside the cat tree.

Do You Need a Cat Tree?

If you are over-protective for your cat and doesn’t set her free in the streets then, definitely it’s a yes for you. A cat tree is an all-in-one package that offers a playground to your cat and also satisfies her scratching needs. But, if you can’t afford an entire cat tree then, buying a single scratching post would be just fine.

How to Train a Cat to Use The Cat Tree?

You can simply tempt your cat by using her favorite foods. Just put your cat’s favorite items on distinct levels of the tree and that will coax her to climb the tree. If your cat refuses to get inside the tunnel or cave that is usually integrated in the cat trees then, you can simply slide her favorite thing inside the cave. This will make her more comfortable and within some days she will get used to of the cat tree.

What are Cat Trees Made of?

The cat trees generally include some horizontal boards and supporting poles. The boards are made of high-quality sturdy wood that can easily handle the weight of your cat. On the other hand, poles are used for support and are wrapped with the sisal ropes that satisfy your cat’s scratching instincts. Apart from this, all the boards and resting perches are covered with soft fur to pamper your cat.

Final Verdict

After going through the detailed reviews, now you must grab on your favorite cat tree that falls within your budget. Just make sure to keep in mind all the points that are listed in buying guide before the selection. Also, check the stability of the cat tree once you are done with the assembling process as the safety of your cat should be the topmost priority.

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