A Guide on How Long to Feed Kitten Food

How Long to Feed Kitten Food

If you have a kitten that is just three weeks or 4 months old, then you must provide them with proper nutrition and make a kitten feeding schedule. Are you still confused about how long to feed kitten food? Are you contemplating giving them kitten food vs. cat food, then don’t worry as we have discussed all these issues thoroughly in this blog. We have also discussed the best food for kittens, how to make them healthy, how to prolong their lifespan, and how you can feed them correctly.

Weaning Process

If you have just started weaning a kitten, then we suggest you mix the kitten food and start introducing them to the taste and its smell. Once you start giving them the mixture, you can smear it with your own hands and gradually feed them in a bowl. If they do not like the taste, then don’t force them and introduce them to anything different.

Once your kitten turns between fourth and sixth week, ensure that you gradually start the weaning kittens to solid food mixed with fresh water. Once your kittens are mature, then you can reduce the amount of water and only feed the best cat food. Besides following these tips you should also consult your vet and prepare a diet chart for your furry friends.

How Long to Feed Kitten Food?

Kitten Feeding Schedule

Below we have mentioned how much you should feed your kitten in every month:

Between Two to Three Months

Most of the cat owners already know that we should feed only kitten food for ten weeks. When your kittens are between two to three months, we highly recommend you feed them at least three to four times per day. Do not give them too much food at one time as they cannot digest it. You should also consult your vet and follow kitten feeding chart by weight.

Between Four to Six Months

Once your kittens turn between four to six months, they start developing a routine and get customized to it. Ensure that you help them develop a routine and follow it strictly. Before feeding them canned food, don’t forget to check the label and the ingredients. The label should contain an analysis of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. It is advisable not to switch their food more often as they will not be able to adapt it.

If your cat is turning six months old, then you can reduce their meals to three times a day and weigh your cat at least once in two weeks and feed them accordingly. You should not give more than one cup at each meal.

Between Seven Months to A Year

Your kittens mature after they turn one year old and after a year they are considered as cats. Your cat’s food should contain adequate protein and nutrients to make them healthy and happy. Ensure that your cat’s food has arginine and taurine as it is really healthy for them. You can also consult your vet if your cat is allergic to a specific ingredient.

We hope after going through every specific month, you must now know what you have to feed your kittens and in how much quantity. It is advisable that you strictly follow a diet chart and feed your kittens correctly as it will only boost their lifespan and prevent them from suffering from any health issues. Apart from feeding them a balanced diet, make sure you make them do exercise in this way; they will turn into strong and healthy cats.

Below we have listed a few healthy cat food options:

Wet Food

You can feed your cat wet food as it has low carbs as opposed to dry food. By feeding them wet food, they are less likely prone to obesity. They will also be hydrated if you feed them wet cat food.

Dry Food

You will find a wide range of dry food options available in the market. If your cat is suffering from health issues like urinary tract infections, skin diseases or hairballs, then you will many options for these specific problems. Feeding dry cat food is convenient and a healthy option.

Raw Food

You can also feed raw cat food, but ensure that it has all the nutrients and make a balanced diet.

We hope we have solved all your queries regarding how much you should feed your kitten to ensure their overall healthy growth. Besides feeding them the right cat food, don’t forget to check their weight every week and feed them accordingly. If you will focus on their diet and exercise from the very beginning, they will turn into healthy cats.

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